Kate Jansen

South Australia

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

Growing up, food was always involved in Kate Jansen’s family time and this ignited a passion in her that made her want to share food with anyone and everyone who wanted it.

The passion grew to the point Kate knew she had to become a chef. She did her four-year apprenticeship at fine dining establishment Windy Point Restaurant/Café under the tutelage of some of the best, most experienced chefs in Adelaide.

Kate completed her apprenticeship in 2018 and she has remained at Windy Point Restaurant/Café where she is now the Head Chef.

The way food brings people together has always inspired Kate, so her goals are to combine her love of food with building a career by drawing in others who love food, and creating a space where people can come together as a group to enjoy the excitement that Kate gets from cooking and eating a dish.

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