Donna Colombini

New South Wales

Head Teacher of Hair and Beauty at Sydney TAFE: Donna Colombini

Donna is a well respected teacher. She brings a huge breadth of knowledge, experience and skills to her role with over 36 years as a hairdresser, 16 years as a TAFE teacher and for the past 5 years she has been a Head Teacher.

Throughout her sixteen years of teaching hairdressing, Donna Colombini has encouraged students to gain both core salon skills and an understanding of current trends and techniques. Her own hairdressing experience provides a solid platform for her teaching, strong connections with local employers and industry and a commitment to improving the quality of training and promoting best practice.

Leading, guiding and mentoring her team of teachers, Donna strives to create a learner-centred and industry-specific teaching environment that supports both individuals and teams. She creates opportunities to expose students to innovation and quality, inviting leading models and fashion photographers into her classroom and recently organising an Italian study tour to give students a rich and memorable insight into their industry. Donna continually challenges her students, empowering them to achieve their best and reach their career potential.

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