Melinda Hornton

Melinda Horton
Health and Community Services

Certificate III in Education Support

Melinda Horton’s journey into vocational education and training presented her with many challenges, but she could not be more pleased with the results.

With unwavering support from her father, this passionate and community minded single mother of two was able to find the time she needed to undertake vocational education and training that would enhance the on-the-job skills she had previous acquired through short-term employment and volunteer work at local primary and high schools.

In 2011, Melinda commenced the Certificate III in Education Support at the Tasmanian Polytechnic. The qualification is a joint Skills Equip Program through Aboriginal Training Programs, the Polytechnic’s Aboriginal Student Support Unit and the Community and Children’s Services North team.

Melinda is active within her local Indigenous community and wants to do all she can to encourage other Indigenous Australians to improve their career and job prospects through vocational education and training.

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