Madeline Ziegler

Health and Community Services
South Australia

Certificate II in Retail, Certificate III in Aged Care and Certificate III in Disability

Health Care Worker: Madeline Ziegler

Finding a vocation in nursing

For Madeline Ziegler, a “kick-start” to her career in high school was all the impetus required for her journey towards a successful future.

Before finishing Year 12 at Waikerie High School in South Australia, Madeline completed a Certificate II in Retail, a Certificate III in Aged Care and a Certificate III in Disability. In 2015 she was Runner-up in the Vocational Student of the Year Award at the Australian Training Awards. Now close to completing a Bachelor of Nursing (Pre-Registration), she credits her rapid career trajectory to discovering vocational education and training (VET) while at school.

“VET was a wonderful kick-start to my career.  After hearing in Year 10 through a past student about the opportunities offered by VET, I dived straight in,” said Madeline. “I came out of Year 12 with a nationally recognised qualification which has taken me on the pathway to a career I love.”

After completing her training, Madeline was offered a casual  position at the Pioneer Haven Aged Care Home in Waikerie. She has also taken on another health care role through Karingal Hostel, a private aged care provider, and will soon qualify as a registered nurse which she says will open up “endless possibilities”.

“There are just so many avenues I can go down and there is so much more I want to keep doing,” said Madeline. “Through VET I have the freedom and flexibility to map out my future. By far one of the best decisions I ever made was to do a VET course, and that has just made me hungry to keep learning.”

As a proud member of the VET Alumni, this is the message that Madeline wants to spread far and wide to highlight the value of VET. “When I was at school there was a big emphasis on needing to go to university to have a first class career, but you only need to look at what I’ve been able to achieve to see how out of date that thinking is,” she said.

“My VET studies gave me the opportunity to get into something long term that I love, and to keep furthering my knowledge base and skills. I am just so grateful to have had the opportunity to study VET at school, to carve out my own pathway and to have found my niche in nursing. My hope is that I inspire other students to follow in my footsteps.”

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