Just Better Care

Health and Community Services
Australian Capital Territory

Just Better Care Canberra (JBCC) provides in-home community support to a range of clients, including those who are frail, unwell, living with disability or receiving palliative care.

JBCC offers support services such as domestic assistance, social respite, palliative care, transport and high-needs disability care.

JBCC employs 36 Australian Apprentices and trainees, three of whom have a disability. Over the past three years, more than 50 traineeships have been completed, with employees receiving a Certificate IV in Disability. JBCC believes that the community sector offers great opportunities for job seekers and its recruitment activities have resulted in employment offers being made to people across a range of ages and backgrounds.

Training is offered to employees twice yearly, on an opt-in basis, against key learning points identified through an assessment of current operational requirements. These training sessions are always oversubscribed. JBCC offers both on and off-the-job training, with inclusive and flexible delivery and assessment, and reinforces formal learning with practical application.

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