National Leadership Award

In 2014, the Leadership in VET Quality Award became known as the National Leadership Award. The National Leadership Award recognises eligible individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in vocational education and training (VET) resulting in improved outcomes for the sector at both a local and national level.

Paul Rasmussen is the Head of Learning at one of Australia’s largest providers of community services, UnitingCare Community, and has been instrumental in the development of its registered training organisation arm which provides qualifications within the Health and Community Services Training Package.

Paul’s ongoing commitment and focus on UnitingCare’s Leadership Framework and Leadership Training Program has assisted UnitingCare to secure government funding and deliver 285 vocational education and training (VET) places in the community services industry.

In recognition of his work, Paul won the Leadership in VET Quality Award at the 2013 Australian Training Awards.

"I was thrilled to win the national Leadership in VET Quality Award, it was fantastic recognition for me, and has shined a light on the important work we do in the community services sector," Paul said.

"I had a great experience winning the award, and witnessing the talent present in the VET sector. The Australian Training Awards is something that both changes lives and puts a spotlight on the quality of vocational education in this country.

"I could not be more proud to win an award for leadership in VET quality and I am privileged to be in a role where we are in a position to change lives.

"The work we do with our students - be they school-based or mature aged makes a real difference - it allows them to do things and have careers that some of them would never have had access to without their qualifications and the support of their teachers and trainers and everyone else in the industry," Paul said.

Paul also focuses on the administration and management skills of UnitingCare staff, implementing programs with qualifications ranging from the Certificate IV in Frontline Management to the Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management as well as graduate programs.