Caitlin Whittle

Retail, Hospitality, Tourism, Beauty and Hairdressing
Western Australia

Certificate III in Hospitality

Hospitality Worker: Caitlin Whittle

Over the course of 2018, Caitlin completed a Certificate III in Hospitality while juggling five ATAR subjects. During this time she has thrived in the workplace, crediting the experience with increasing her confidence and dedication.

Although her original plan had been to go to medical school, Caitlin initially chose to study hospitality to add a practical element to her senior subjects to balance her otherwise theory-based workload.

“Now I am torn between either para-medicine, or owning my own restaurant,” she said.

“(Previously,) I was so heavily medicine-focused and never even considered other pathways and now I am so thankful I took the course because I found a passion I never knew I had.”

Caitlin has always been heavily involved in extra-curricular activities and excelling in her studies was no different. She has transferred her new skills assisting with numerous school events in a hospitality capacity.

She is also a strong advocate for Swan Valley Anglican Community School’s hospitality program, presenting to younger students and writing articles for her local newspaper and the school website.

For Caitlin, her studies have given her the opportunity to not only strengthen her practical skills and learn about her industry, but to step into the world of work feeling confident and prepared.

“Every young person going through high school should consider doing a VET course because not only are you going to be able to widen your options for your future, you are also learning so many skills for your day-to-day life.

“I learned more in the past two years of my VET course than my last two years doing ATAR.

“It makes you so much more prepared for the real world.”

Caitlin is the 2018 recipient of the Australian School-based Apprentice of the Year Award and is a member of the Australian VET Alumni. She is also an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador within the Alumni.