Bronte Richardson

Engineering, Manufacturing, Mining and Forestry

Certificate III in Engineering

Engineer: Bronte Richardson

Bronte has always had a passion for design and production. In Year 10 she took graphic design and production classes, where her design teacher recognised her potential and suggested she apply for a school-based apprenticeship that was being offered by Direct Edge Manufacturing.

Bronte successfully applied for the position and is now undertaking Certificate III in Engineering-Technical while also completing her studies at Hellyer College.

Until her teacher approached her about the school-based apprenticeship, Bronte didn’t realise this was a viable option for her. She said this pathway has opened to door to employment options she would not otherwise have had and is thrilled to be attending college while at the same time be employed in her dream career, engineering.

“If you have a passion for what you are studying, use that to be your driver to complete it,” Bronte said.

“A VET pathway opens up so many doors and gives you the skills and experience to take in to the workplace.

“There are so many options out there.”

Bronte was the 2018 Tasmanian Training Awards School-based Apprentice of the Year, the 2018 Australian Training Awards School-based Apprentice of the Year runner-up, and is a member of the Australian VET Alumni.