Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors

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The Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors programme appoints individuals from the Australian Training Awards (providing they are completing or have completed an Australian Apprenticeship), as ambassadors to advocate for Australian Apprenticeships. These ambassadors are those who have reaped the benefits of the Australian Apprenticeships system and are willing and available to communicate their success story through a wide range of unpaid communication channels to identified target audiences.

Ambassadors promote benefits of apprenticeships and traineeships to potential students of the Australian Apprenticeships system. These benefits include greater employability, greater job security, higher earning potential and for many individuals, a broader range of work options. Ambassador stories address the rational (time, cost, effort) and emotional (confidence, empowerment) barriers to undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship.

We encourage you to invite your local ambassador to your next skills-related function through the Book an Ambassador function on