Aimee Williams

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Business, Finance and Government Administration and Public Safety
Northern Territory

Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Certificate IV in Massage Therapy and Practice and Certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting

Fit Public Servant: Aimee Williams

Fit for purpose

When successful personal trainer Aimee Williams conducted a health check on her unfolding career she decided it wasn’t quite fit for her future purposes. Courageously, she decided to go back to her first employer, the Northern Territory (NT) Government, and is now undertaking further studies to aid her blossoming public sector career.

“I loved working in the fitness industry but as I matured and my life goals changed, I turned back to the NT Government as I thought it would offer better job security and career progression,” said Aimee. “I’m really happy with how my pathway is unfolding right now. As someone who loves to learn and build my skills, I’m enjoying the opportunity to do further study to support my new career goals.”

Aimee has already proved herself an outstanding student as Runner-up in the Vocational Student of the Year category in the 2014 Australian Training Awards. She completed a Certificate III in Fitness in 2013 and then went on to complete a Certificate IV in Fitness and a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy and Practice. To accompany her rise through the administration ranks with the NT Government she also completed a Certificate IV in Government, Procurement and Contracting through Major Training Services.

“I think what my career turnaround shows is that whatever direction you want to go in, there is a vocational education and training (VET) course that will support you and get you to where you want to be, and as a member of the VET Alumni that is the message I want to give others,” she said. Aimee is also a firm believer that “no training is ever wasted”. “Even though what you learn for a fitness qualification is quite different from what you learn for an administrative one, there are learnings that you can take from each that help you grow as a person and in the workplace. My combined studies have helped to boost my confidence enormously and I now believe I can succeed in achieving whatever I want to achieve.”

As to the future, Aimee has no fixed plans, other than that she “won’t stop here”. “I will definitely continue learning which in turn will open up more doors for growth and development. I’m just really looking forward to seeing how far I can go,” she said.

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