Alicea Sherin

Alicea Sherin
Business, Finance and Government Administration and Public Safety
South Australia

Certificate III in Business

Team Leader Customer Service: Alicea Sherin

In a few short years Alicea Sherin has gone from someone who knew nothing about traineeships to someone who is a passionate ambassador for them.

Training for success

In a few short years Alicea Sherin has gone from someone who knew nothing about traineeships to someone who is a passionate ambassador for them. After an initial ‘false start’ at TAFE she credits her traineeship with PEER in Adelaide, a Group and Registered Training Organisation, for setting her on the path to an enduring career.

“When I left school I assumed I only had two future study options—university or TAFE,” said Alicea. “After a year into studying interior design at TAFE I discovered that the employment opportunities were very limited. I’d come to a bit of a dead end but that all changed when my parents suggested I look for an entry level position where I could earn and learn at the same time. I then discovered traineeships, successfully applied for a position at PEER and have never looked back.”

Alicea is certainly one whose star is on the rise, testified by her success as an Australian Apprentice (Trainee) of the Year Award finalist in the 2012 Australian Training Awards. After completing her Certificate III in Business in 2012 Alicea then undertook a Diploma in Human Resources Management while progressing through administrative and co-ordination roles at PEER. She now leads PEER’s customer service team and is responsible for supporting all aspects of an innovative training organisation. 

“I’m passionate about helping others to grow their skills and be successful and love that my role involves recruiting, training, mentoring and supporting trainees and apprenctices,” said Alicea, a proud member of the VET Alumni. “It’s an ideal role because I know what it’s like to be a trainee and can relate to the trainees really well. If they have the right attitude and apply themselves, they have every chance of succeeding which in turn pays dividends for the organisation that invests in them.”

As someone who says she owes her start on the career ladder to her traineeship, Alicea is very keen to pay that experience forward. “Things couldn’t have turned out better for me and maybe that will be the same for others. My way of giving back is to take every opportunity to raise awareness of traineeships and show how beneficial they can be,” she said.

Alicea’s ‘musts’ for others considering a traineeship are commitment, motivation and a desire to learn. “When you take on a traineeship you have to look at it as a career, not just something you do to get by,” she said. “The company is investing in you so you need to have a mature approach and perform to the best of your ability. If you prove yourself then the financial and career rewards will come.”

Looking to the future, Alicea is keen to take her career to the next level by upskilling or gaining further qualifications. “I know that it’s important to keep myself relevant in the workplace so continuous learning is very important to me to ensure I continue to develop my career path,” she said.

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