Amanda Woodhams

Engineering, Manufacturing, Mining and Forestry

Certificate III in Aboriculture

Arborist: Amanda Woodhams

Learning by doing

A passionate advocate for improving and shaping urban ecology, Amanda has completed a Certificate III in Arboriculture.

Arboriculture requires fearlessness, athleticism, balance, technique and the ability to problem-solve at great heights while operating a chainsaw.

Amanda proudly advocates for hands-on skill building through traineeships because her own experience was so rewarding.

I’ve discovered a way of learning that brings out the best in me. I thrive when I’m learning by doing. By the end of my training I’d climbed to the top of a 54 metre redwood,” Amanda said

‘If you want to graduate with a skillset, if you want to step into a career when you graduate, then a VET pathway is for you.”

Now she has finished her traineeship, Amanda focuses on creating educational opportunities for other trainees. She teaches eight students with academic learning difficulties from a local high school once a week.

The program gives students experience working outdoors, and Amanda encourages them to look at vocational training as a pathway to explore.

Amanda is making her mark in a predominantly male-dominated industry. She credits her trainers, who made sure she was empowered to contribute her skills and point of view in the classroom.

“I was so impressed by my trainers. We all know how rare a good teacher is. I had four trainers whose plant passion, climbing skills and tree species knowledge amazed me,” Amanda said.

“One day I hope to manage one of Australia’s most significant, mature landscapes. My qualification is an important step toward that goal.”