Bethany Spoor

Bethany Spoor
Retail, Hospitality, Tourism, Beauty and Hairdressing
New South Wales

Certificate III in Retail Operations and Certificate III in Fitness

Retail Manager / Entrepreneur: Bethany Spoor

Skills you can transfer anywhere

Bethany Spoor didn’t hesitate when, in 2014, she was offered the chance to do a traineeship with her employer, McDonalds Lismore, and she has nothing but praise for what it’s done for her.

“My traineeship has given me skills and experiences that are invaluable. They can transition to my business, my current job and to my life and growth as a person,” Bethany says.

After selling home-made cards from the age of 9, Bethany started an online business, Bethany Grace Natural Skincare products. Home schooled, she finished Year 12 at the age of 15 and took a job with McDonalds to help fund her business but there, a career path of its own soon opened up to her. By the age of 19, Bethany had progressed from crew member to manager.

Bethany says that her traineeship in Certificate III in Retail Operations helped her progress into a management role.

“It showed I was serious about my career.”

She is currently involved in advising and mentoring with TAFE NSW on a program for youth who don’t complete Year 12, connecting them with Australian Apprenticeships opportunities.

“Apprenticeships and traineeships should be the first choice of many more young people because you can start a paid job straight away in what you want to do and get practical, hands on learning.”

Bethany’s aim is to grow her skincare products business and progressively open stores. Until then, she’s glad to be in a job she really enjoys and she knows that many of the further career options open to her result from having done a traineeship. She’s also just finished a Certificate III in Fitness and is studying business at university.

In 2015 Bethany won the NSW Trainee of the Year title, was an Australian Training Awards finalist and became an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador for the Australian Government.

She has since launched her own cosmetic line, even appearing on the television program Shark Tank in 2017 to try to raise $40,000 for a new venture - a customisable skincare shop.

"In my business, I love that I can make products from scratch to match my skin type and match my needs and I want everyone to have the freedom to do this as well," Bethany said.

"Introducing the Custom Skincare Shop - products made by experts on the spot, step-by-step with all the ingredients that you choose."

Bethany’s advice to anyone considering an Australian Apprenticeship?

“Have a go! Be excited, work hard and treat your career as an adventure!”