Blake Sayer

Transport, Logistics and Warehousing
Western Australia

Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Integrated Rating)

Maritime Integrated Rater (IR): Blake Sayer

Before starting his traineeship, Blake Sayer was working in the construction industry as a plumber and gasfitter on a fly-in fly-out roster. It wasn’t the career he had envisioned and he turned his attention to the maritime industry.

Before his traineeship, Blake Sayer worked a fly-in fly-out roster as a plumber and gasfitter in the construction industry. Seeking greater challenges and a better work-life balance, he considered the maritime industry and accepted a traineeship in maritime operations (integrated rating) through Maritime Employees Training Limited (METL).

Blake completed his off-the-job training at Challenger Institute of Technology in Fremantle, learning skills in navigation, rope work, sea safety, engineering and life boat training. To complete his certificate, he undertook nine months of service on qualifying vessels. For Blake, the college phase of his training provided him with the skills required to transition successfully to the on-the-job phase at sea.

Since completing his qualification, Blake has sought further development opportunities to advance to leadership roles and hopes in time to become an Officer and a Captain. In recognition of his traineeship performance, he represented METL in the Today’s Skills: Tomorrow’s Leaders program.