Genaro Auriemma

Construction and Property
Western Australia

Diploma of Building and Construction

Builder: Genaro Auriemma

Envy is usually seen as more a vice than a virtue, but for Genaro Auriemma, it worked as a positive agent for change.

Sparking a new legacy

Envy is usually seen as more a vice than a virtue, but for Genaro Auriemma, it worked as a positive agent for change. Starting out in life as an electrical trades assistant and then working for a concrete manufacturer, he found himself envious of the builders he came into contact with on the job.

“I thought, ‘I want to do what you’re doing’. I knew I had the potential, and I wanted to extend myself, so decided to put my money where my mouth was and get some training,” said Genaro.

Genaro not only got some training, but he excelled at it, gaining a Diploma of Building Construction and being recognised  as a finalist in the 2014 Australian Training Awards Vocational Student of the Year Award.

His pathway was not without a few detours along the way. “I began my training at Polytechnic West in 2003 but after 18 months, fatherhood intervened—three times—so I didn’t get back on track till 2013,” he said.

Genaro took long service leave from his employer, Boral, to finish his Diploma, but that didn’t cover the whole period of training. He had a difficult couple of months, working full time, studying and doing exams, while still trying to have time for his family.

“Although it was tough at times it was 100 per cent worth it,” said Genaro. “I’ve now built the family home and set up my own company for the future.  Getting qualified was one of the best things I’ve done.  It’s given me the opportunity to change my life and I couldn’t be happier.”

He is also very appreciative of the opportunity his trade allows to pass on his skills to his children. “When you become a builder, unlike a doctor or a lawyer you’re in a position to teach your kids everything you’ve learned. I’m really happy that I have been able to create that legacy for my family,” he said.

As a proud member of the VET Alumni, Genaro’s advice to others is to have a career goal and then choose the right pathway to achieve it.

“The great thing about VET is that it’s tailored, practical, hands-on and industry relevant. After doing a degree in science I came out wondering how to actually apply the very broad knowledge I’d gained. But here I am with my Diploma and I’m a builder. VET is all about getting you job ready and having the foundation and the freedom to shape your future.”

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