Judith McDonald

Judy McDonald Image
Business, Finance and Government Administration and Public Safety
Australian Capital Territory

Teacher / Careers Advisor

Judith McDonald was St Clare’s College’s Facilitator of VET from 2003 to 2008, when she became the college’s VET and Careers Coordinator.

Since then, an increasing number of students at the college have been awarded vocational certificates - 102 in 2013 compared to 37 in 2008.

As well as her role as VET coordinator, Judith is a passionate, dedicated and inspirational teacher of St Clare's children's services courses.

With an expansive knowledge of local industry and employer links, Judith works closely with employers to ensure positive outcomes for all St Clare's students. She is a passionate advocate of education pathways for students, including those at risk.

Judith's willingness to support students in their studies has led to many successes at the ACT Training Excellence Awards. She is a firm believer that the achievements of these students encourages and inspires others to consider the opportunities offered to students in the VET arena.