Naomi Freese

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Health and Community Services

Qualification: Certificate III in Aged Care

Assistant in Nursing: Naomi Freese

Thanks to her school-based apprenticeship Naomi is now on the road to her dream career

Naomi Freese always wanted to work in nursing and as a first step applied for health-related work experience in Year 10. When this didn’t come off, a school visit by a local hospital organisation opened Naomi’s eyes to the possibility of achieving her dream through an Australian School-based Apprenticeship.

“The apprenticeship was a great way for me to gain real work experience in a hospital environment while working towards a nationally recognised qualification in the industry I always wanted to build a career in,” Naomi said.

Naomi’s hands-on training was invaluable in enabling Naomi to gain skills that could never be taught in the classroom. “I gained practical experience by working on a variety of wards one day per week during term time, and full-time over the holidays; that also had the added bonus of enabling me to fast track my apprenticeship.

“Being able to combine my senior academic studies with vocational training means that my options are broad, employment opportunities are endless, and I’ll have a real advantage undertaking further studies in nursing.”

This is certainly the case for Naomi, whose sights are now firmly set on undertaking first a Bachelor of Nursing Degree and then a post-graduate degree in Medicine.

“I have my apprenticeship to thank for the fact that I’ll be hitting the ground running with a real advantage in my clinical placements and the practical components of my course,” Naomi said.

Naomi’s advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship is to ‘go for it’. “There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by having the opportunity to try out different industries, learn on the job and get hands on experience with potential employers—it just could be the start of a fulfilling career.”

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