Nick Johnston

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Construction and Property
Western Australia

Certificate III in Cabinet Making  and Furniture Making

Cabinet Maker: Nick Johnston

Learning something new every day and loving it

Like many of his peers, when Nick graduated from school in Year 12 he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. A passion for woodwork led him to do work experience in cabinet making at Studio Milton in Western Australia; when he was subsequently offered an apprenticeship with the Studio Nick was set on a pathway to doing something he now loves.

“At school I hedged my bets, doing a half tertiary and a half VET package to keep my options open. But having ultimately chosen an apprenticeship I feel really fortunate to have landed on my feet; I feel like I have a great career ahead of me,” said Nick.

Certainly, the future looks bright for Nick. Having won a gold medal at the 2016 WorldSkills Australia National Competition in cabinet making he was selected to join the squad team for the chance to compete at the WorldSkills International Competition in Abu Dhabi in October 2017. He is now doing everything it takes and travelling everywhere necessary to be able to train and improve his knowledge and skills.

“I believe in throwing myself wholeheartedly into what I do—with my sights set on making the WorldSkills squad that means practice, practice, practice, and lots of weekend work to hone my skills and get more efficient in planning and completing a project,” said Nick.

He credits the one-on-one learning with his boss for helping him to get where he is today. “I am now at the point where my boss trusts me to do most of the hands-on, practical work, which helps to build my skills and frees him up to focus on managing the studio.”

Nick is also enormously grateful to his family for helping him choose an apprenticeship and supporting him along the way. “I couldn’t possibly have achieved what I have without the support and encouragement of my Mum and Dad and my family. That has made a huge difference and I owe them a big vote of thanks.

“I’m in the fortunate position of really enjoying my job and I think if you go to work with a positive attitude, looking forward to learning something new every day, work isn’t a chore—it’s fun.”

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