Tim Shaw

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Australian Capital Territory

Certificate III Automotive Electrician

Radio Host: Tim Shaw

A true host with the most.

Although he is now an award winning radio host and journalist with over twenty years' experience in broadcasting and events as a presenter, producer, emcee and keynote speaker, Tim Shaw began his career began aged 17 as an automotive electrical apprentice.

Tim's father saw his discontent learning in the classroom in Year 10. As a panel beater by trade, he suggested to Tim that auto electricians seemed to make a good living fixing the damaged electrical systems given the amount that came through his workshop. Convinced by his father about this career move, Tim knocked on many doors until he found an apprenticeship with Tronier and Thomas Auto Electricians in Mona Vale, Sydney.

For Tim, gaining a vocational education and training (VET) qualification was a great start to his career – particularly the mentoring aspect.  "Mentoring is the key to your future working life," he says.

Now an advocate for VET pathways as an Australian VET Alumni member, Tim regularly tells his listeners about the benefits of a vocational pathway and doesn't want people to think that an Australian Apprenticeship or VET, makes one less worthy than a person who has studied a degree at university.

"The best gift a parent can give is to explore learning opportunities with their teenager together," he said.

“Even though apprenticeships may not be either parent’s educational background, you can still help your child to explore these options and opportunities".

Having completed an Australian Apprenticeship, Time is also an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador as part of his role in the Alumni.  A strong advocate for Australian Apprenticeships, especially  as the job market is becoming harder to break into for young school leavers – Tim believes that VET reflects the real world, real world skills and keeps pace with changing times and employment trends.  He has a passion for keeping it local – and encourages job seekers to look to their local community for work.

"There is a real need for VET trained graduates to be given opportunity for local employment," he said.

"I strongly recommend that as young people proceed through the latter part of their courses, to reach out locally to businesses in their field of study. That early contact could lead to future employment for the candidate, but also a better understanding of the quality of VET graduate participants and the courses at local training facilities".

Tim has been the host of a Canberra breakfast radio show on 1206 2CC since January 2016.

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