Traditional Credit Union

Business, Finance and Government Administration and Public Safety
Northern Territory

Traditional Credit Union (TCU) was established as a Yolgnu-initiated response to the ongoing market failure and associated withdrawal of financial services by major banks from remote communities in the Northern Territory.

Today, TCU remains Australia’s only successful Indigenous member-owned financial institution, and has sustained the delivery of financial services to 11 remote communities over the past 15 years. TCU has a predominantly Indigenous workforce and has enabled major, ongoing cost savings to the Australian Government through being able to dispense with Centrelink entitlement payments by cheque, in favour of electronic payments to TCU members. It focuses on the social and economic wellbeing of members and communities in which it operates, and any profit earned is returned to the members in the form of education, employment,
training and expanded services.
TCU’s Structured Training and Employment Program has been a great success by supporting Indigenous Australians to take up training and employment opportunities. It is also supporting sustainable financial independence for people in remote areas of Arnhem Land.

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