The Employer of the Year Award recognises a large enterprise which has achieved excellence in the provision of nationally recognised training to its employees.

State or territory training award winners of this category will automatically enter a short-listing process where they will have the opportunity to become finalists for the Australian Training Awards and compete at the national level.


To nominate for this award you must win the aligned category at your relevant 2015 state or territory training awards.

The state and territory training awards’ eligibility criteria states that you must:

  • employ more than 40 full-time equivalent employees.

The Australian Training Awards will accept joint applications from:

  • a Group Training Organisation who partners with a Host Employer
  • a Host Employer who partners with a Group Training Organisation

NB: Nominations will not be accepted from organisations that provide vocational education and training as their core business; however these organisations may consider nominating for either the Large or Small Training Provider of the Year Award.

Selection Process and Key Dates

Selection Process Key Dates

Enter through state and territory training awards.

Dates differ according to your relevant state and territory training awards opening and closing dates.

If named a winner at state and territory training awards, the winner enters a short-listing process to become an Australian Training Awards finalist.

(Note: The winner's application is automatically forwarded to the Australian Training Awards).

Dates differ according to your relevant state and territory training awards opening and closing dates.

Finalists for this category announced.

13 - 19 October 2015 

Finalists attend judging interview in Hobart, Tasmania.

18 November 2015

The winner is announced at the Australian Training Awards presentation dinner event in Hobart, Tasmania

19 November 2015


This award category requires the applicant to address the following award criteria:

Criterion 1: Extent and quality of training for employees


  • your involvement in designing or developing training specifically for your business, either alone or in partnership with a training provider
  • how much you spend on training for your employees
  • the amount of time (on average per month) that your employees spend in training activities
  • the amount of on-the-job training and how you integrate on-the-job and off-the-job training. 

Criterion 2: Achievements of the business, or of its employees, which is attributed to training


  • how you measure the benefits of training and how training will improve your business in the future
  • how you inform employees and people outside your business about how training improves your business
  • any 'success stories' about your training and how the business and staff have benefited. 

Criterion 3: Integration of training into business planning


  • the training aims of your business
  • how training fits into your business planning and any evidence that your business has an ongoing commitment to training and/or a 'training culture'
  • how you find out about the training needs of your employees.

Criterion 4: Innovation and excellence of design and delivery of training


  • details of creativity, excellence and/or innovation in the design, development and delivery of your training
  • any methods you use to create positive relationships or partnerships with others to enhance the effectiveness of your training
  • any measures you use to encourage access to training for your employees
  • implementation of Information Communication Technology (ICT), in your business; i.e. 
  • e-learning.

Criterion 5: Commitment to equity in training


  • any training provided to employees who are from groups often under-represented in employment, education and training, such as people with disabilities, indigenous people, people from a non-English speaking background, people in older age groups, people living in remote areas
  • the number of these employees who have undertaken training programs
  • the number of these employees trained for managerial or supervisory jobs
  • any of your training that is specifically designed for these employees.


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To enter this award category, visit the state or territory training awards website page and enter in the state or territory where your business is registered.