Australian Training Awards Conditions of Entry

Individuals and organisations can nominate for the Australian Training Awards by applying directly through the website or through the aligned state and territory award programs.

The 2024 Australian Training Awards presentation event will be held in Canberra on Friday 6 December 2024. All Australian Training Awards finalists must attend the presentation event.

Direct Entry Nominations

Direct entry nominations must be submitted through the Australian Training Awards website. Nominations will not be accepted if submitted via any other means (email, mail etc). Nominees must understand and agree to the Conditions of Entry as well as meeting the specific eligibility requirements for the award category.

If you are nominating someone else, you must ensure that the nominee agrees to being nominated.

State/Territory Award Nominations

Winners of aligned state and territory training awards are automatically nominated to the Australian Training Awards. These nominations must understand and agree to the Conditions of Entry as well as meeting the specific eligibility requirements for the award category.


  • All nominees must meet the Australian Training Awards Conditions of Entry as well as meet the specific eligibility requirements of the award category.
  • All information and claims in your nomination must be true and correct.
  • Nominees must be prepared and able to meet with the judging panel if selected as a finalist. Judging for 2024 will occur between August and November.
  • All or part of any non-confidential material or details from your nomination, photographs and recordings may be used online, in any broadcast and print media and in a range of publicity and promotional materials related to skills and training by the Australian Training Awards.
  • Nominees may be filmed or photographed while participating in the Australian Training Awards program, including at their place of work or training.

Additional conditions for organisation nominees

  • Organisation nominees must have their organisation registered in Australia, with an Australian Business Number.
  • Organisations must comply with workplace health, privacy, safety and industrial relations legislation.
  • All organisations listed in the nomination must not have any current compliance issues with the regulator and no adverse issues with any government contracts.
  • Organisations should be aware that integrity checks will be conducted as part of the judging process.
  • Organisation finalists will participate in one or more virtual site visits at the location of the training as part of the judging process.

Additional conditions for individual nominees

  • Individual nominees must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia.
  • If you are under 18 years of age at the time of nomination, you must note this in your application and you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the Australian Training Awards presentation event and finalist week activities.
  • Student and VET Teacher/Trainer category finalists are required to attend professional development activities in the days leading up to the Australian Training Awards presentation event.

Conditions for submitting a nomination

  • Your nomination must:
    • be submitted before the published closing date
    • refer to a service, program or training that meets the Australian Qualifications Framework standards
    • address all selection criteria
    • not exceed the word or page limit
    • only one nomination for joint programs and collaborations can be submitted.
  • When a nomination does not meet the eligibility requirements of the award category, it will not be considered by the judging panel.
  • Decisions of the judging panel are final and will not be reviewed.
  • By agreeing to have information and/or photos published on a website, you need to be aware that:
    • the information can be copied and used by any web user
    • once information has been published on the web, the Australian Training Awards or its official associates have no control over subsequent use and disclosure
    • it will be accessible to users worldwide
    • photographs will be published on the website for the purpose of promoting the Australian Training Awards and other VET initiatives.


    Only authorised Australian Training Awards officers and appointed judging panel members have access to nominee’s information. The Australian Training Awards may give information to other relevant organisations, State and Territory Governments and media. Personal information will not be disclosed to any other party without the nominee’s consent, unless authorised or required by law. All Australian Training Awards judges are required to sign confidentiality and conflict of interest statements.