VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year Award


The VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year Award recognises innovation and excellence by a vocational education and training (VET) teacher/trainer providing nationally recognised training to students at a registered training organisation (RTO), or in partnership with an RTO.

State or territory training award winners of this category automatically finalists for the Australian Training Awards and will compete at the national level.


To nominate for this award you must win the aligned category at your relevant 2018 state or territory training awards.

The state and territory training awards’ eligibility criteria states that you must:

  • be a permanent resident of Australia;
  • be a qualified [as determined by the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015;] teacher/trainer employed (or regularly contracted) by an RTO; and
  • have delivered training (for some period) from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017 which will lead/has led to nationally recognised qualifications or Statements of Attainment under the Australian Qualifications Framework national training system.

Applicants must have their application endorsed by their employer (RTO) and provide evidence of their qualification [as determined by the Standards for Registered Training organisations (RTOs) 2015] with the application.

Selection Process and Key Dates

Selection Process

Key Dates

Apply through your state and territory training awards

Opening and closing dates differ for each state and territory training awards 

**Winner of the state/territory aligned category automatically becomes an Australian Training Awards finalist


Finalists attend a judging interview during 'Finalist week' in Sydney

 12 - 16 November 2018

The winner and runner-up are announced at the Australian Training Awards presentation dinner in Sydney NSW

 15 November 2018


This award category requires the applicant to address the following award criteria:

Criterion 1: Excellence and innovation


  • contribution to the improvement of the national training system, through sharing teaching practices and displaying leadership outside your own teaching department or vocational area
  • contribution to a body of knowledge, through articles, speaking engagements or visits to other organisations
  • results for students/clients, including unexpected results, or results having industry-wide or community-wide significance
  • ability to work outside area of experience and move into different roles
  • innovative methods of instruction and communication
  • implementation of Information Communication Technology, for example, eLearning.

Criterion 2: Student focus/outcomes


  • learning methodologies used to engage students, including those with special needs (if relevant) and evidence of these for a variety of student cohorts
  • student engagement including innovative methods of communication and validation
  • successful student learning outcomes including data relating to results, completion and participation in a range of course and certificates
  • systems and processes for collecting information on student needs and satisfaction
  • actions in response to information on student needs and satisfaction to improve teaching/training practices.

Criterion 3: Professionalism and commitment to VET teaching and learning


  • convening groups to support professional development
  • association memberships
  • referee reports
  • maintaining ethical standards
  • contribution to the maintenance of particular initiatives that support teaching and learning
  • acting as mentor/guide for others - leadership
  • professional development undertaken in relation to current vocational, teaching and learning practices.
  • maintaining knowledge of current issues and trends
  • detail voluntary activities undertaken relevant to professional activities.

Criterion 4: Links with industry and/or community


  • engaging with other VET teaching and learning professionals within and external to your organisation
  • personal/professional industry engagement/testimonials for nominee relating to student achievements/outcomes
  • personal/professional community engagement/testimonials for nominee relating to students’ achievements/outcomes.
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