Vocational Student of the Year Award


The Vocational Student of the Year Award recognises outstanding achievement by a vocational student in a course of study leading to a nationally recognised qualification.

Eligibility criteria for the Australian Training Awards

Nominees for the above award must be a permanent resident of Australian and have won the equivalent  state or territory training awards in 2020.

You must

  • Be a full-time or part-time student but not an Australian Apprentice (apprentice or trainee);
  • have completed or be due to complete your training in the period 1 October 2019 - 30 September 2020* in a training course that leads to a nationally recognised outcome or qualification relevant to the award you are applying for*; and
  • nominate in the state or territory where you reside.

    * The time for completion of studies may be amended for individual state or territory requirements

Selection Process and Key Dates

Selection Process

Key Dates

Apply through your state and territory training awards

Opening and closing dates dates differ for each state and territory training awards 

**Winner of the state/territory aligned category automatically becomes an Australian Training Awards finalist


 Finalists attend a judging interview during ‘Finalist Week’ in Melbourne

16 - 20 November 2020

The winner and runner-up are announced at the Australian Training Awards presentation dinner in Melbourne 

20 November 2020


This awards category requires the applicant to address the following award criteria

Criterion 1: Career and Study Achievements

Consider things such as:

  • Why did you choose your course?
  • How has it changed or impacted on you?
  • What have you gained from it?
  • What have you been able to bring to your workplace?

    (limit: 400 words)

Criterion 2: Team and Communication skills

Consider any skills you have developed through your training, such as:

  • What have you been able to tell others, work mates, employers etc about your training?
  • What do you like about working in a team setting?
  • What traits do you think are important to positively influence others?

    (limit: 400 words)

Criterion 3: Ability to be an Ambassador (representative) for training in Australia

Tell us about:

  • Provide examples where you have taken a leadership role inside or outside of work?
  • What other activities have you been involved in where you have been a representative?
  • How would you describe the quality of your training?

    (limit: 400 words)

Criterion 4: Other qualities and pursuits

You may wish to include information about:

  • Have you had to address any challenges that have impacted on your training?
  • When have you been required to use initiative either in your training, your personal life or your workplace?
  • What other qualities or activities do you feel would be useful in your role as Vocational Student of the Year?
  • What other community or industry involvement have you had?

    (limit: 400 words)

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