All Purpose Transport

One of Queensland’s largest privately-owned transport companies, All Purpose Transport, moves general freight, refrigerated goods and furniture across Queensland and Northern New South Wales. With around 3,000 deliveries each day, staff ensure the business meets regulatory requirements and client expectations.  

In 2012 it launched a workforce development program, Project APT, with the aim that every employee would earn a qualification from TAFE Queensland. Now in its 11th year, 500 workers have earned a certificate III-level qualification or higher in their field of expertise. Project APT has 4 levels, where new workers first complete a classroom induction and skills assessment, with annual refreshers for staff. A review is undertaken after 6 months, and a recognised qualification is selected for the worker to pursue.  

Future leaders are identified to develop their management skills while senior leaders join the Executive Connection for their continuing development. Establishing this training pipeline has helped the business respond to the ageing workforce in the industry and encourages workers to continue with the business. Since Project APT was implemented, the business has doubled its turnover, and has presented to government and industry associations, earning recognition from its clients and other stakeholders.