Brendan Reid
Northern Territory

Employer: Charles Darwin University

Brendan has been Charles Darwin University’s learner support coordinator since 2010. A dedicated and passionate individual, Brendan works with students and staff to help students overcome literacy and numeracy challenges to support them to complete their qualifications.  

Brendan isn’t your typical frontline trainer. With knowledge that spans many different areas of vocational education and training and his ability to individualise learner-support activities, his multi-faceted skills are appreciated by students, parents, trainers and employers alike.  

In addition to working closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who speak English as an additional language, Brendan also carefully plans strategies to meet the requirements of students from disadvantaged backgrounds and communities. To do this, Brendan at times enrols in certain courses to better understand the environment in line with students’ experiences, allowing him to enhance and improve his support.  

Brendan’s ability to explain concepts, and his unique approach to problem solving have helped many students over the years. Brendan’s colleagues believe that his strengths in these areas have directly helped many apprentices get through difficult units and go on to successfully complete their qualifications.