Bridie Searle
New South Wales

Certificate IV in Project Management Practice

RTO: Australian College of Commerce & Management

Employer: Thales Australia Limited

In 2022, Bridie had never been on a ship. Today, Bridie is responsible for managing   
million-dollar maritime projects with Thales Australia Limited in the Above Water Systems business, something made possible through her vocational pathway.  

After securing a traineeship, Bridie began her Certificate IV in Project Management Practice at the Australian College of Commerce & Management. “I’ve always been a hands-on learner,” she says. “The balance of theory and practical work offers an unmatched training program – it was pivotal to my success.” 

Guidance from her colleagues and trainers went a long way, too. “I’m extremely lucky to be working alongside men and women with upwards of 40 years’ experience,” says Bridie. “The skills they bring to the table are unparalleled and they supported me immensely. 

She earned even more respect due to the pace with which she’s excelled in her traineeship. Bridie’s Training and Capability Manager describes Bridie as the “most sought-after Project Superintendent within our company” and a next-generation leader.  

Currently, Bridie’s day-to-day role could see her working on Destroyers, guided missiles or being a wharf and crane co-ordinator. “It’s been fantastic, and I’ve picked up so many skills that are transferable across multiple roles and industries,” says Bridie.