Caroline Morris
New South Wales

Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical Trade


Employer: Newcrest Mining Ltd

As the first woman to complete a fitter machinist apprenticeship at her workplace in over 20 years, Caroline is inspiring young women to pursue a career in the trades. Undertaking her Certificate III in Engineering—Mechanical Trade, Caroline loved the dynamic setting. “I worked on a variety of equipment: mill machinery, pumps and crushers—we need to be across it all,” she says.  

Through her training, Caroline found what she was looking for—a job where she could work with her hands, stay living regionally and develop a future-proof career. 

Despite excelling in her qualification, Caroline speaks of the barriers she experienced. “Being one of a few female apprentices is challenging,” she says. “I've encountered old-fashioned attitudes from some people. However, I don't pay much attention. I'm here to do my job like anyone else and I take pride in achieving my best.”  

Largely though, Caroline was inspired by her team. “They were experienced, professional and showed me many ways of thinking through a problem. My colleagues taught me so much, and their generosity in sharing their knowledge continues today.”  

Now fully qualified, Caroline is making her voice heard in the hope of encouraging others. “I want to show young people, especially young girls, that there are great opportunities available for them in trades. Being trade-qualified opens doors for everyone.”