Christian Ferrone
Western Australia

Diploma of Aeroskills (Mechanical) 

RTO: Aviation Australia 

Employer: ExecuJet MRO Services 

With a love of aeroplanes, Christian had always wanted to work in the aviation industry but his initial dream of becoming a pilot was shattered when he learned he was colour blind. Disappointed but not beaten, he funnelled his enjoyment of mechanics and a natural curiosity of how things work into pursuing a career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Now employed by ExecuJet MRO Services Australia – where he completed his apprenticeship – he has come to realise that this career option actually suited him better. 

Despite the demanding technical requirements, Christian completed the Diploma in Aeroskills (Mechanical) with a 95 per cent course average, and was in the first cohort of WA apprentices through RTO Aviation Australia to be able to do the new Diploma pathway. The course included an intensive theory component and taught him how to safely maintain gas turbine and propeller driven fixed-wing aircraft.

Now a mentor for other apprentices coming through, Christian knows teamwork is an essential skill. The complex tasks associated with aircraft maintenance provide him with the sense of accomplishment, and he enjoys the problem-solving nature of the work as well as learning with others and understanding systems from someone else's perspective.

Working at ExecuJet, Christian has had the opportunity to personally coordinate several maintenance checks on aircraft, including the West Australian Government's Private Jet. His expected transition in October 2021 to a qualified Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME), leaves Christian feeling both proud and excited. “LAMEs,’ he says, “have the privilege to see aircraft in a way that not many people ever do. In addition, he is confident he will never tire of his work with and says the profession will feed the strong passion he has for learning until he retires.