Colin Taranto
New South Wales

Employer: NTHA Training

Colin offers a wealth of expertise, a commitment to evolve with the industry and unwavering dedication to his students. As a trainer in Timber Systems Design and Timber Frame or Truss Management, he goes the extra mile to ensure the highest standard for all involved.   

With 39 years’ experience working across a range of timber manufacturing and design roles, Colin offers foundational knowledge while delivering up-to-date information. “Staying current with ever-changing technology, equipment and Australian Standards is a key component to being professional and developing assessment tools aligned with today’s practices,” says Colin.  

Retaining strong industry connections, attending conferences and seminars, and reading a broad range of publications are just a few of the ways Colin keeps his students in the loop of new developments. “Having industry contacts lets you provide trainees with quantifiable information that allows their businesses to make informed decisions.”  

Where Colin particularly shines is his level of commitment. “Supporting learners on their journey is critical to a successful outcome. Every learner’s style of learning, abilities and life experience are different,” he says. “It’s about building the relationship, rapport and trust we need over an 18-month period. Without that relationship the risk of failure is high.”