Craig Jones

Employer: UQ Skills

As a master farrier with over 35 years’ experience shoeing and caring for horses, Craig’s passion for the sector is undeniable. Craig is now looking to pass on his knowledge using innovative techniques to help create capable farriers for the future through vocational education and training. Craig has revolutionised the Certificate IV in Farriery for apprentices at UQ Skills, overhauling the traditional farriery program to include modern, digitised training materials. 

Traditionally, skills in these courses must be taught in face-to-face sessions. To assist apprentices and support practical learning, Craig recorded himself performing a range of basic to advanced skills, which are available online for students to engage with. Craig found solutions when working with heated steel proved difficult to demonstrate in recordings, and he has even produced his own anatomical models to assist apprentices’ understanding of how horses move.  

Through his work with the UQ VETS Equine Specialist Hospital, Craig ensured his materials reflected latest research and practices, and facilitated sharing resources so apprentices and veterinary students had access to each other’s materials, encouraging better understanding about how their work complements each other to support horse health.  

Craig has won numerous Queensland and Australian horseshoeing titles and has represented Australia at the World Championships at the Calgary Stampede. His own work with clients, veterinarians, horse owners and trainers along with peak bodies and stakeholders gives him a strong industry understanding, allowing him to offer comprehensive feedback on the skills that new apprentices need to develop.