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The Geelong Industry Trade Training Centre (GITTC) was opened in 2012 to provide quality training to secondary school students in the northern suburbs of Geelong. The seven foundation schools have worked cooperatively over the last 10 years to provide and sustain the purpose-built trade training centre facility. The GITTC is entering its sixth year delivering VET in schools and is now a hub for 16 schools to access the VET Delivered to Secondary Schools programs in Victoria.

Students are bussed to the GITTC, which allows students to access VET with minimal timetable disruption and the support of their schools. The facilities of the centre allow the delivery of all VET courses to take place in a simulated workplace environment. The GITTC also offers its facilities for hire to other training organisations to facilitate adult training, offering pathways beyond secondary school programs.

The GITTC has developed it’s curriculums to suit different learning requirements. This includes programs for disengaged Year 10 students, students where English is an additional language, and for students with a disability.

Students identified as disengaged from education and with lower literacy outcomes undertook Kitchen Operations units to improve their literacy skills. This saw them assist in running a café at the GITTC, which led to their re-engaging with learning and skills development.

The GITTC plans to contribute to VET in schools well into the future through a relevant and engaging VET curriculum.