Holmesglen has a proud 36-year history of delivering exceptional education and training. It has developed from a specialist provider for the building, construction and ceramics industries to one of Australia’s largest TAFE institutes.

Holmesglen started delivering courses for the international sector in the late 1980s.

Today, more than 23,000 learners study each year in 43 fields at senior-secondary, trade, vocational, and higher education levels.

VET learners at the institute range in age from 15 to more than 80 years old, from 160 countries and speaking 130 languages. International students represent 23 per cent of the total VET load at the institute and make a significant contribution to campus life.

Holmesglen TAFE’s international bachelor graduates report above national benchmarks for satisfaction and graduate outcomes to employment.

Its reputation for excellence in international education is well established and in 2017 the institute won the International Provider of the Year at these awards.