Kathleen Rodda
South Australia

Dual Diploma Training Design and Development and Vocational Education and Training

RTO: Health Business Training Academy

Employer: The Kat's Whiskers

Kathleen’s passion for knowledge grew deeper after her experience of mentoring and training at the Healthy Business Training Academy. She wanted to expand on her skills and gain a greater understanding of the specific learning needs of adults, and undertook a dual Diploma of Training Design and Development and Vocational Education and Training. 

Kat loves leading and training a team, and says “As trainers, we are responsible for ensuring excellence in education for our students that should go beyond the classroom.” 

Already a qualified hairdresser, make-up artist, barber and beautician, Kat has run her own successful business, The Kat’s Whiskers’, for almost a decade. Now, with her new qualifications under her belt, she has big plans to open her own beauty school. Kat can’t wait to impart her freshly ignited knowledge with future students and share the amazing opportunities that vocational education and training offers.