New South Wales

Komatsu is a global leader in manufacturing, innovation, technology, and people development. Komatsu's commitment to people development and training the next generation of industry leaders is evident through its Apprentice Development System (ADS), a comprehensive approach to apprenticeship training.  

Komatsu onboards new apprentices every year, selected through a rigorous recruitment process that targets diverse age groups and life experiences. Their dedicated Technical Capability Team mentors the apprentices, ensuring they receive the best training and support for success in their future careers. 

Since its inception in 2009, the program has benefited over 720 apprentices and trainees, preparing them with technical skills and life skills necessary for personal growth and success. This includes training in areas such as mental health awareness, public speaking, road safety and fatigue management, business skillsets and drug and alcohol awareness.  

Apprentices taking part in the ADS system spend more time in training so they can better understand their roles in the Komatsu business and general life skills. The ADS system involves roughly 12 weeks of structured training per year, including internal ADS training, accredited training, and inductions. 

The ADS is a source of great pride for Komatsu. Its purpose, strengths, and outcomes are widely recognised by all levels of the organisation. From the Chief Executive Officer to the apprentices themselves, all Komatsu employees are involved with the program in some way.