Peter Warren Automotive
New South Wales

The Peter Warren Automotive Group, founded in 1958, is a proud family-owned and operated group of automotive dealerships based in South-West Sydney.  

Peter Warren Automotive is dedicated to staff development, with almost a quarter of their employees engaged in nationally recognised qualifications and spending approximately one in 5 weeks attending formalised off-the-job training. This creates a culture within the business that supports retention and growth and increases staff skills to ensure Peter Warren Automotive remains up to date with new and emerging technologies.  

Peter Warren Automotive is also dedicated to employing apprentices and trainees. Since August 2013, the organisation has created more than 900 apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities across their business. All potential apprentices undertake a one-week in-house, work experience program. Facilitated by the Peter Warren Automotive National Training Manager, training delivered during this period focuses on the basic skills required before transitioning the apprentices into the actual workshop environment. It includes the teaching of skills such as workplace health and safety, social media safety, and work-ready skills. All apprentices and trainees are provided with an average of 12 hours per month of dedicated study time, in addition to their formalised training.  

By providing learning and development opportunities across its business, Peter Warren Automotive improves its retention and increases employee skills, which in turn allows them to adapt to new and emerging technologies.