Certificate III in Plumbing Employer: Cri-Tech Plumbing Services During her senior years at secondary school Shona McGuigan was exposed to plumbing as a career at the South West TAFE Taster Day. Despite being told that plumbing was not a career for women, Shona enrolled in the VET in Schools plumbing program, and she loved it. Shona’s trainers encouraged her and increased her confidence to the point where she took the lead on jobs. Shona is paying it forward by mentoring three young women apprentices at South West TAFE to help them thrive along the apprenticeship path. It’s a role Shona approaches with drive and compassion. Shona has won several awards including South West TAFE’s Apprentice of the Year (2019) and then overall Apprentice of the Year at South West TAFE (2020). She hopes that her success will inspire others to follow their dreams.