WA Department of Justice
Western Australia

The Department of Justice WA Corrective Services division undertakes a diverse role in managing the state’s 7,000 adult prison and youth detention populations. The key priorities are community safety, rehabilitation and operating in an ethical and transparent way. The Corrective Services’ operations has a vast geographical span with 17 prisons and multiple Community Corrections offices located across Western Australia.  

The Department of Justice WA is one of the first states to successfully implement traineeships within prisons. In WA, prisoners are employed by the prison and paid in gratuity as well as the provision of room, board, health and training services in lieu of wages. Prisoners are offered a wide range of traineeships and apprenticeships within WA prisons, in areas such as kitchens, textiles, laundry, gardens, cleaning and maintenance.  

The Department of Justice WA Corrective Services division recognises that attaching training to the work done by prisoners ensures their labour is recognised, rewarded and upskilled. Multiple strategic partnerships have been established between Government, business and community organisations to give prisoners in regional and metropolitan Western Australia a clear pathway from prison to employment through vocational education and training. The Prisoner Traineeship Program helps to ensure that prisoners are prepared for successful re-entry into the community by providing pathways to social and economic inclusion. The training is an important part of the successful rehabilitation and resettlement of prisoners and, in turn, contributes to safer, more resilient and richer communities.