Aman Meles


Certificate III in Community Services

Aman moved to Australia as a refugee in 2006 when he was 7-years-old. At school he struggled to keep up with his peers and became disengaged with learning. Aman then fell in with the wrong crowd and found himself getting in to trouble.

Aman quickly realised he wanted a better life and decided to become a youth worker and help other at-risk young people like himself. He knew his choice ultimately required a university degree, so he made a plan and broke it down into smaller, achievable goals, the first of which was securing and completing a Community Services traineeship.

Aman now works in the Queensland Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women as an information and administration officer. He is still working toward his goals – the next step is a Diploma of Youth Work, which he hopes to follow with a Bachelor of Criminology.

Aman is driven by not only his own motivation, but to be the best role model he can be for his daughter.

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