Angelina Odevilas

South Australia

Certificate III in Data and Voice Communications

Former Holden factory worker, Angelina Odevilas, knew that she was on limited time before she would lose her job. Through her study, hard work, and commitment to starting her career, Angelina was able to secure an adult apprenticeship. For Angelina, securing her apprenticeship was a long and rigorous process, facing many challenges along the way. From struggling as a woman in a male dominated industry, to battling liver cancer throughout her apprenticeship, Angelia has learnt to be self-reliant and resilient.

Angelina is now a fourth-year data and voice apprentice with ATEC Group Training and Apex Communications. Having taken part in programs such as the Todays Skills, Tomorrow Leaders program, Angelina has acquired the skills and training to be a leader in her industry and to work in a team effectively. Angelina is passionate about her industry and the adult learning sector, having experienced first-hand the struggles of securing employment as an adult apprentice.