Certificate III in Community Services

Employer: Bridgewater PCYC 

When she began her School-based Traineeship with Bridgewater Police & Citizens Youth Club, Arielle Abrahams had already been volunteering there for two years. The traineeship allowed Arielle to commit to a dedicated self-improvement program that matched the practical experiences she was exposed to each day. She found that the learning experiences differed from a traditional academic education. She enjoyed taking ownership for enhancing her abilities and improving her learning experience.

Across the 18-month period of her studies, Arielle worked in several leadership positions, including the induction of nine new staff members.

Beyond her work and academic commitments, Arielle leads members of her unit in Navy Cadets. She has represented the squadron in three successive Australian Sailing Championships.

The nature of Arielle’s School-based Traineeship has been more diverse and rewarding than she could have hoped for. According to Arielle, the ability to amalgamate training, academic studies and practical knowledge whilst gaining employment is an excellent opportunity only realised by this vocational pathway