Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology

After completing work placement with Followmont Transport as a GenR8 student, Christopher Knight quickly realised that VET was the right pathway for him. After gaining employment in the company’s warehouse, he dedicated himself to becoming trade qualified.

Christopher completed his competencies early and was signed off as a tradesman nearly three months before scheduled.. Once a student who got low grades, he was proud to finally excel at a trade he enjoyed.

By working on-the-job Christopher built and developed skills in leadership. From being trained by some of the industry leaders of Followmont, he now provides on-the-job training to others.

One of the highlights of Christopher’s career was winning the Queensland Trucking Association's Excellence in Contribution Award in 2014.

It took a lot of hard work and perseverance, but now Christopher can look back on his effort with pride, as a fully qualified heavy vehicle mechanic.