Crown Resorts


Employing over 12,000 people in the tourism and hospitality industry, Crown Resorts has more than 1300 employees completing apprenticeships and traineeships customised for the group’s unique environment.

Training programs enable apprentices and trainees to be immersed in the industry, working in multiple Crown outlets with diverse environments and learning from industry specialists, many of whom are employed at Crown. Working in the same outlets enables managers and trainers to respond to each other’s needs, adapting content, methodologies, structure, level of supervision and other job components accordingly.

Crown’s strategic priority to lift foundation skills, increase employability levels, and achieve enviable completion and retention rates is achieved by first identifying what they and the industry require of employees. They then provide a highly effective blend of on- and off-the-job training, personalised support and career planning, community involvement and opportunities to experiment, grow, and succeed.

Training provided by Crown Resorts delivers not only practical skills and industry knowledge, but self-respect and confidence, enthusiasm for a career in tourism and pathways that increase the likelihood of enjoying a long career in the industry.

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