Drew Charlton


Certificate III in Carpentry

Interested in carpentry from a young age, Drew Charlton studied woodwork from Year 7 and completed a Certificate I qualification in Years 9 and 10. A work placement with Cordwell Lane, a Hobart building firm working across the community and industry sectors, resulted in the offer of an Australian Apprenticeship with the company. Undertaking a Certificate III in Carpentry gave Drew the opportunity to use his skills and experience the building industry in both high-end residential and commercial sectors as well as restoration work.

Drew credits his training with developing important skills such as problem solving, communication and time-management which now help him manage the challenges of everyday life. Happy with his decision to become part of a highly rewarding industry, Drew has donated his time and experience to help build a house for Make a Wish Foundation and, while backpacking in Cambodia, work on a voluntary project to build a regional community school.

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