Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority


In dealing with emergencies, the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) is acutely effective. Providing the 24-hour link between the Victorian community and the state’s emergency service agencies – police, fire and ambulance, ESTA fields a call every 12 seconds. 

Becoming an ESTA call-taker requires no minimum qualifications or education. Staff are trained across multiple formats including face-to-face, classroom and online, via 1,100 training scenarios. The ESTA Learning Centre shapes operational staff into a dynamic, skilled and resilient workforce who deal with thousands of emergencies every day. The learning centre employs 55 specialist staff to provide training support to the 24/7 workforce.

The range of educational choices also accommodates diversity in the workforce. ESTA achieved a 28.7 per cent overall reduction in reportable adverse events because staff are trained to be responsive and resilient.

Last modified on Thursday 29 October 2020 [8585|49723]