South Australia

Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management

Encouraged by his uncle, Lachlan began a Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management when he was 16 after realising he would do better learning outside the traditional school environment.

He wanted to study mining, but was too young to undertake many of the licensing components. As soon as he was old enough, he transferred to a Certificate II in Mining, graduating in 2012.

Lachlan became a participant in a Green Army program and quickly moved into a supervisory role. He wanted to increase his knowledge in the industry so he completed a Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management at the Aboriginal Access Centre at TAFESA.

In January 2017 Lachlan and his brother Josh, who was studying a Certificate IV in Conservation and Land Management, formed their own environmental contracting company, Stone Environment.

Lachlan plans to further his learning by completing a Diploma of Conservation and Land Management.