Mark Doughty

New South Wales

Certificate III in Horticulture - Parks and Gardens

By the age of 14, Mark was running his own lawn mowing business and a passion for horticulture blossomed. To get a head start on his career, he undertook an Australian School-based Apprenticeship completing a Certificate III in Horticulture (Parks and Gardens). Employed by Skyline Landscape Services Pty Ltd, Mark spends much of his spare time applying the skills he has learned on the job skills to voluntary landscaping at his school, in local parks and for St Vincent De Paul, Mt Druitt.

Due to timetabling clashes between his school and his horticulture studies, Mark has to catch up on schoolwork independently. Despite these challenges, he is excelling academically and dreams one day of owning and running a premium landscaping business.

Mark takes great pride in the transformative nature of his work, particularly the before and after images which drives him to gain more experience and knowledge.