The Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation

Northern Territory

The Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation (ALPA) was formed in 1972 as part of an economic development plan for the Yolngu Aboriginal people of Arnhem Land. With an operational footprint of 1.2 million square kilometres, ALPA engages with a population of 18,000 with 21 language groups.

ALPA’s workforce development model incorporates mentoring and cultural support, with VET as a key element. Significant focus has been on developing the capacity for the community based Indigenous workforce to operate businesses other than traditional retail operations. Taking the ALPA model beyond the retail sector has resulted in more sustainable jobs for Indigenous people living in communities where ALPA operates.

Today, ALPA employs more than 1187 people, 1007 of whom are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders. Its retail division has 26 remote retail stores under its management and operates an RTO in both the Northern Territory and Queensland. Since registering as an RTO in 1982, ALPA has completed around 1750 retail apprenticeships.