Northern Territory

Employer: Self employed 

Rachel Leigh Taylor started her career as an ‘English as a Second Language’ teacher. She developed and delivered language, literacy and numeracy and key foundation skills programs to support migrant workers and refugees.

After gaining a master’s degree specialising in literacy, Rachel started working in foundation literacy. She has worked across the Northern Territory assisting Indigenous Australians to enhance their literacy and foundations skills and gain employment and community engagement roles.

For the last three years, Rachel has worked with high school students to engage them in adult education through vocational education and training. She does volunteer work providing literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) support to migrant and refugee groups.

Rachel is a passionate practitioner of foundation skills and has published several research papers throughout her career. She presents at conferences and runs workshops, podcasts and webinars. She also conducts face-to-face workshops for LLN practitioners to enhance their professional learning.