Avidity Training and Development


Avidity Training and Development, a Launceston-based registered training organisation (RTO), provides a wide range of training services throughout Tasmania aimed at helping individuals, communities and organisations grow and reach their potential.  Its work, particularly in equity, is contributing to improved employment outcomes and increased personal, social and economic capital for their students.

 The RTO has established strong relationships within the community services industry, enabling its ongoing collaboration with community partners and equity groups to identify industry training needs and develop targeted training plans. An Employability Spectrum, developed by Avidity Training and Development, facilitates assessment of individual learners’ requirements and improves the RTO’s ability to help learners transition onto a tailored pathway that ultimately leads them to employment.

 Avidity Training and Development provides qualifications for about 600 students a year. It is recognised as an Employer of Choice and as one of the leaders in quality equity VET in Tasmania.

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